Durn Spellchecker’s On The Fritz Again

 Alpaca Suitcase

If yaks me, I’d say life’s like a school
Insects and in love, there are a few rules;
Lions wrong, and pride is for fools
Just bee yourself, don’t play it cool

To a bird in hot water, life is quite fowl
Sometimes one’s life is not ferret all
And love can make one moan and whale
even the sturdy might quake and quail

Sometimes life just seems a boar,
and love moray meaningless chore
No point, no porpoise to it all anymore
You toad the line, but don’t know what for

Some people think love is too much to bear
I’ve herd that bull, it isn’t so rare
If love is true, it can always seem gnu
And toucan fly so much better than ewe

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