Dan was born to my dad and his 1st wife. Afer their divorce, the Mom cut ties completely, and dad never mentioned him to me. Dan found me on the internet, just last week, and we have chatted twice and exchanged pictures and e-mails.  Naturally, there were questions, and I wrote a poem expressing some of that….

You came first, and then were gone

a couple more years, and I came along

Were you still the apple in his eye?

Why did he not find you? You hadn’t died.

Was he afraid that you’d moved on?

That you’d divorced him, along with your Mom?

What was he seeing when he looked at me?

You, leading the team, excelling in school?

Lettered sweater, and nobody’s fool?

When our Dad marked my height on the wall

was another mark there, maybe five feet tall?

I never could quite reach that measure

I always felt an invisible pressure

to meet the standards your absence set

When I said I cant, was Dad thinking you could?

Don’t blame yourself, we never met

I think Dad still loved you, as much as he could


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