We’re passin’ up the rest home, we’re not stopping at the doc’s
We’re not headed for a funeral, we’ve not been measured for a box
My passengers are Mothers, Grandmas and Pas and Aunts
When I take the old folks out to the dance

Watch your step Aunt Betty, Mrs. Richmond take my hand
Granny Shafer, go on in and save two tables near the band
Y’all turn back on your hearing aids so you can hear the man
Welcome you old folks to the dance.

As Merle Haggard’s Mama tries to steer him right
Widow Stephens gets to cloggin, and she is quite a sight
Everyone is gettin’ with it, their faces bright with grins
When the old folks start to dance.

Grandpa Carter stands stock still, taps his walker to the beat
It’s been three months since the stroke, for him  tonight’s a real treat
the rumors say that he and Aunt Faye were seen holding hands
On the way to the old folk’s dance

Through songs of love and loss, and booze and bosses and benders
Orthopedic heels kick up the dust, and thumbs hook in suspenders
String ties sway as couples sashay, Lindy-hop and prance
At the friday night old folks dance.

The band is playing their last set as we drive off the lot,
Some stare out the window, the rest asleep or deep in thought
Memories abound of  lost partners, spouses, and good friends
On our way from the old folks dance
I wonder if any seats will be empty next week,
When I bring the old folks to the dance.

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  1. Love this! 😀


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