Drivin’ South

The sign on the Kentucky Turnpike said ‘Visit Historic Elizabethtown”. So I did….



The Courthouse in Elizabethtown 



See the cannonball stuck in the wall in the NE quadrant of the pic? That Civil War relic and…




….this bridge that Lincoln’s daddy helped build constitute most of the history, unless you always wondered,”Hey,whatever happened to Monty Hall?”

Wonder no more



Main Street had a flower and gift shop, a coffeehouse, and the rest were, strike me dead if I am exaggerating by much, all lawyer’s offices!



It really is a pretty town, just watch who you bump into or promise to buy lunch for, legal aid is readily available



Even the alleys look historic, maybe more so


And I resumed my trip south, through Kentucky’s rustic countryside….









As bucolic as the environment was, I felt uneasy, as I was being watched, sized up…



Watch out, big boy! Here there be lawyers!


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  1. My only trip through the Kentucky was a greyhound and a desired smokebreak. thus this is somewhat more enlightening. *the last time I visited your site I was a different xangan so anyways 😉 doubt you’ll place me I_once)was now Starmanjones on the titanic xanga. gfob alerted me to the migration


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