Not Again! Zimmerman Redux, Another Dead Teen

A shooting that has eerie similarities to the Trayvon Martin killing has occurred in Jacksonville.

Michael David Dunn is charged with murder in the death of Jordan Davis, 18,who was riding in n SUV that was playing loud music. Dunn asked the guys in the van to turn it down, an argument ensued, and Dunn shot into the van killing Davis.

This so-called Stand Your Ground law, that Florida’s right-wing loony-filled legislature passed, has got to be repealed. It isn’t that this idiot is covered by the law, the problem is that he and idiots like him THINK that they are covered by the Stand Your Ground defense. The law may not apply in this case, but the following parody I wrote after Trayvon’s shooting does:


How many hoodies must I see pass by

before one stops to burgle my pad?

And how can one tell if a lad’s okay,

and just running to the store for his Dad?

Yes, how many kids walking outside at night

are really out to do something bad?

The answer, my friend doesn’t matter in the end

When on my own ground  I do stand.

Just how young does a man have to be

to not be considered a threat?

And since when did having a lousy sense of style

make it right to shoot someone dead?

Yes, and what if your fear of a young black guy

is by sensationalist media fed?

My answer, my friend, is a bullet from my gun

I followed him and shot him with my gun.

Yes, and how many more will die needlessly

Before we fix this law finally?

How many more Mothers will have to see

their dead sons each night on TV?

Until it’s changed, I feel perfectly free

to shoot you for looking cross-eyed at me

You can thank the NRA for this insanity,

now go out and kill someone legally.

One response to this post.

  1. Some things in this life are just so absurd.


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