The stranger turned to me after belching loudly. “Forgive me”, he said, “I have the mannerisms of a goat.”

“You mean the manners of a goat,” I corrected him with a chuckle.

That’s when he head-butted me and tried to eat my tie.


First, my wife buys a persian rug, then last week she brings home a little persian kitty.

What’s with her? She knows I prefer a Spartan lifestyle!


Who died, expired, left this mortal coil, met his/her maker, kicked the bucket, croaked, ceased to be, and made you Thesaurus?


A limericku would

sound sort of like haiku but instead

be sing-song and funny


Touchè, clichè, paper-machè, without that little thing over the last ‘e‘, they are all so gauche.

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