Everything you type
Every single gripe
No matter how trite
Even calls on Skype
can come back on you
Everything you say
Every single day
If you hire gays
or for sex one pays
I’ll be outing you
Oh, you didn’t hear?
Privacy’s so last year
You can call me mean
But you were sexting teens
You are a public face
who will flop down from grace
when I post four megs
starring you, wearing lace
then you’ll resign in days
What the hell’s wrong with these pols today?
With lame lies they think they can get away
Look around, there’s cameras of every size
Look up, there’s even cameras in the skies
Watching you beg for a spanking, please….
But even if you’re clean
Take a looksy at your screen
I’ve got you admitting
bigotry because of my editing
which is creative.
You may think you’re neat and
That you can’t be beaten
But your filmed illicit meetin’
(is that a shemale you’re greetin?)
Will have you resigned in days.
* Every Breath You Take, by the Police, is the tune, but you knew that

2 responses to this post.

  1. * value added taxes and service charges not applicable.


  2. Representatives suspected of taking bribes for favors rendered will be pursued to the full extent of the lobby.


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