Once upon a time it did not matter
whether we popped pills or smoked a lid
Can you tell me if I had a good time?
‘Cause I can’t recall a damned thing that we did

Were those the days, my friend?
I can’t remember them
As I was stoned for nearly two decades
I’d do reefer, coke, and booze
And then our keys we’d lose
Were those the days?  It’s all a purple haze

All those dizzy years are mashed together
many fine brain cells have gone astray
Sometimes I wish for just one acid flashback
I might retrieve some memory in that way

What was it like back then?
Please tell me once again
Just whose dope was better, yours or mine?
And when we drove quite buzzed
How did we fool the fuzz?
Oh, tell me please, did I enjoy those times?
La la la la lala, la la la la lala…….

*With apologies to Mary Hopkin and Paul McCartney

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