My First Poetic Effort -Shattered

Writing the following helped me cope with a traumatic event; poetry is good therapy. I hope the boy(he was 15) received good care and had a decent convalescence….


like a kaleidoscope
my windshield shattered
a life in pieces
fragments of memory
From nowhere, in front of me
a schoolboy in a hurry
like my windshield, he shattered.
Shattering glass covered me
our lives pressed together
bonds of metal and flesh,
and screams and agony
some screams were mine
it is good to hurt
and good to scream
in death there is no fear
in death there is no pain
He lay there, shattered
Thank God he still hurt


From afar or near, no matter,
before a season has passed
I need to see him, unshattered,
repaired, smooth as glass.

For to see him whole will help me
forget how his hair lay scattered,
stuck in the glass that he shattered.
Please, take that memory from me.

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  1. wow wow wow


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