Twittering has replaced blogging. Now, instead of long sentences and paragraphs about ideas and opinions, we get info about how late you stayed up, your last shower, and how you agree with ‘what he said’.

I was unaware of Twitter until recently, when it suddenly became de rigeur for celebs to start posting their every move and random thought on the site. Now talk shows are filled with accounts of the guests Tweeting and responses to same. Funny how these new technologies creep up on us, and before we know it, everybody has an account on Twitter but you and I. Oh? You’ve had Twitter since last year? Well, it turns out that Twitter has been with us for a long time now. In fact, due to a Congressional subpoena, some very old tweeters have come to light. The following are examples that I have culled from the thousands of pages released so far…..


1stborn-Meeting with Abel later. Things will be OK as long as he doesn’t start with the gloating.

T_Jeff-Can’t believe I wrote that letter to the King. What was I drinkingthinking? Must remind Sally to get it out of mail packet.

M_Lewis-Hello Peeps! Chassed by bear today, Clark loste boote. Verry cold. Ate last dog fore suppr. 2 wekes out from St. Louis. Trippe over soon, methinks.

A_Hamilton– Going to lunch with J_Jay after this dreadfully boring duel in the morning. Burr will no longer be a thorn in my side. LOL
     @A_Hamilton-RYC…Witty rejoinder, A_, BTW, Burr is proficient with pistols,.. behoove you to get off 1st shot. ..Please respond -Jadams 

AndyJack– Rec’d spam-junk about war being over. LOL! Not born yesterday.

Honest_Abe– Rather depressed. Post-war letdown settling in. Hopefully, comedic play we’re attending tonight makes me forget troubles for awhile. BBL

A_Johnson– New telegraph thingie on blink. Waited all day in WH for repairman. Sometime between 8 and noon my a__!

O-Wright– Successful flight. Longest yet; 1 1/2 mile, but cannot locate suitcase. U?
      @O-wright-Found it! Will be on next flight. –WilburW
      @WilburW– Great. Must see that such occurrences not become common.

L_Trotsky– Enjoying stay in Mexico, jokes about trots notwithstanding. Death threats will not deter me from fighting Stalinist traitors.  Someone at door, brb

S_PLATH-thx  4 tips but pilot lite still out, yes, think i hear hissing..

amelia_hart_flying – yes, flying now . Don’t worry, can steer plane w knees

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  1. I found you in the humor section and after looking through your blogs.. I’m hoping you have a sense of humor. Just started a blog so if you like to laugh, check it out and tell your friends please and thank you: http://choaticsoulz.wordpress.com/ 🙂


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