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  1. That was very entertaining as well as informative! I could’ve sworn it was an albino pelican. Gah! I’ve just realised that I have been neglecting xanga. Well, I’ve been trying to figure out the FB site. Far more complicated than xanga….

    G. do you go on to the FB? I very much enjoy this game called Words (I think that’s the name.) It is pretty much like playing Scrabble. I had a helluva time figurin out how to move the tiles. I suppose it would be better if I read the directions before playing. You would like this game, I think. Now, it’s omelet time…..cuckoo-cuchoo.


    • I am on Facebook far too much, actually. but I play the song game. Can you video chat? Friend me and call me sometime. We are going to a play Friday night; Holley’s friend jason is in it. do you know him? I think he directs as well.


  2. If we are thinking on the same Jason, I know him and have done some shows with him. He’s intelligent, talented and extremely funny! If you are speaking on the other Jason who directs, I have only spoken to him through e-mails.

    I do not know what this video chat business is. My son talks to these players when he plays his video games. Is that what it is? I would very much like to play this song game. It sounds like Encore.

    I shall friend you……if I can figure out how. I will see if you’re G. or Melfamy. I have a difficult time with that site. I posted a cover shot, but it cut off the pic so I posted it again to show the entire pic. Then I thought why not put it in the photo bucket. It did not go there; it did another post. Perhaps I am doing something wrong……


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