1)___ __ ______ _ _____ 
Inna da park called Zucotti people
were protesting against the man
Inna da park were a lot of people 
who didn't care, didn't give a damn 
 Oh doncha pretend to me, that you understand 
You just wanted some drugs for free 
And some strange poontan-ahn-ang 
in between exa-ah-ah ahh-ahhmmmms!
2)_______________ __________
Wake up Mama, this policeman has something to say to you
It's late November, And I guess I shouldn't have skipped home school
But I'm tired of the abuse, and I study but it's no use
All you want me to learn is chemistry
You keep me out of school, and I do obey your rules
Manufacture meth, a kilo at once or more
All I wanted was a normal happy childhood
But you married a loser and mother what a loser
We had to leave town
Mostly he just messed with our heads, but when you caught him in my bed
Oh Mama there wasn't enough left to bury in a can
And so we had to leave our flat, but I gave him one more stab
You try not talking about it, when you own a meth lab 
Votin' for a girl with brains under her hair
Votin' for a girl who has money everywhere
She says Obama's not from here.
I'm voting for a republican girl

Voting for a girl who's new to politics
voting for a girl who's into term limits
we hate seniorities
So we vote for republican girls

Votin' for a girl who doesn't really care
for the poor and their lucrative welfare
Her wind billows gucci underwear
Voting for a republican girl

Voting for a girl who used to be a witch
Hoping that she wins us a demographic niche
The other party really hates this bitch
She polls higher than democrat girls

Voting for a girl one fine election night
most precincts reporting not even a close fight
Less than half the voters got it right
Better luck next time, republican girl.

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