America, for Sale or Rent

{It almost happened in the ’70’s, when Japan and the Arabs were awash in money, and started buying up land and buildings in The US. There was talk then of selling subdivided portions of our National Parks, even privatizing roads, and allowing the highest bidder to charge tolls. 

Well, we’re in worse shape now, so I expect the next round of selling to hit closer to home, hearth, and heart….}

The US is for Sale*

The Grand Canyon is now for rent
The Great Lakes must be sold by Lent
Selling our symbols will help ease the debt
The American Eagle is clutching cigarettes
Uncle Sam now sells Nike Shoes
Liberty’s Statue holds a bottle of booze
Texas is cheap, since it was damaged by hail
The US is for sale
Buffett just bought up Omaha
Bill Gates paid cash for Northern California
The Japanese just leased Hawaii
Miami is a rest home for old Israelis
Paul Revere takes Excedrin when he’s sick
The Founding Fathers all shave with Schick
Minneapolis or St. Paul, you can take your pick
The US is for sale
We will sell you Vermont, we’ll sell you the Plains
And we’ll buy the gas that you make from our grains
We’ll sell you a mountain, or Fort Knox and its gold
If we knew how to package it, we’d sell you our souls
We sing, This Land is Now Your Land’
If folks gotta move, we hope they understand
If not, send a letter by Mitsubishi Mail
The US is for sale
A half-billion in Estonian Kroons
Buys a time-share in the Lincoln bedroom
America is in a downhill slide
Buy a seat, come along for the ride….(fade out)

* apologies to Roger Miller, the King of the Road

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