It’s almost funny. Here we are, looking to the stars for enemy aliens with evil intent, while all around, Pelicans plot and scheme.


Didn’t know they were listening, waiting, and watching, looking for weaknesses, probing our defenses, did you? You thought they were cute, begging for stale bread. Nothing cute about their intentions, I tell you.


typical skulking Pelicanus occidentalis. You can’t hide, your lying eyes, and your smile is a thin disguise….


He looks at this world and wants it all
So he strikes like ThunderballImage

Our attempts at enlisting other fowl to spy and discern their intentions have inexplicably failed



our spies turned against us, they swim with the enemy now

We tried black ops…Image


And still they advance, their single-mindedness, their inscrutability, make them a force to reckon with. You may consider yourself to have been warned, for all the good it will do.

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