I have had an excellent series of dogs in my life; Amigo was the only one who chose me. He showed up on my porch one cold winter day, and never left. He could run alongside my bicycle for miles and miles, never tiring. One night after work, I fell asleep in front of the fire, Amigo at my feet. We awoke at the same time, the fire barely flickering now, and the look he gave me convinced me that we had dreamt the exact same thing…….

We ran together, laughing
Running and barking and laughing
jumping valleys, over leaf-rounded trees,
abounding with joy, and forever free

He ran with me in my dream
not so slow in sleep, it seems
I nipped his ankle to make him fly
and fly he did, as high as I

No better friend than Amigo exists
two decades gone, still he’s missed.
I can see him running, long and lean,
on two-track roads, or in our dream.

The dream we shared was a special one
no cars, no cares, an endless run
I now run alone, backward glancing
We’ll meet again, resume our dancing

And run once more, this time for good
on empty streets, through shady wood
Hasten, my friend, leap those dales
Of tracks and memories, I’ve made a trail


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