Camelot revisited

This song will end up in my musical, D.C.!, Should I ever complete it…
In this scene, Obama is exulting in the power he possesses as Commander-in-Chief...

{Sung to the tune Camelot!} 


It’s true, the Constitution makes it clear
We cannot kill a suspect sans voir dire

The rules of war were written long ago, son
The citizenry simply can’t be shot
But if someone needs assassination
We take ’em out

Habeas corpus and innocence’s presumption
are luxuries unaffordable in war
and if the target’s file reads ‘American’
Take ‘im out

Take ’em out, take’em out
All’s fair in love and war
From the sky soldiers drop
Or a drone destroys their car

Though each move is highly orchestrated
we’re imperfect, every one of us
In short, sometimes we miss
the appropriate terrorist
and we not-so-smartly bomb a wedding 
or a kindergarten bus

secret ops secret ops
they’re black and wet, against the law
But hey, with secret ops
I can deny them all

I never admit knowledge a priori
unless the mission happens to go right

In short, it’s all about 
Putting the bad guys to rout
using technically extra-legal means 
So we can take them out!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hello Greg, How have you been?


  2. Doing great, Arjun! Enjoying my semi-retirement; I worked for a week in the place of an ill captain, but that will be a rare occurrence, I hope!


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