Dearest sweetheart,
beloved darling, my cherished one, of whom I am quite fond
How sad it is to part
to ship out, take my leave, in other words, abscond
Our days together
concerted, concomitant, concurrently conjoined,
seem so fleeting
short, cursory, fugacious; to add a homonym, purloined
so long the time between our meetings
concourses, concursions, assignations and trysts
sometimes I fear our passion you may not recall
that you may not recollect, remember, think of me at all
From  your mind I will fade like morning mists
so much haze, brume, drizzle and dew
Yet I have no cause to be morose
dark and gloomy, moody, glum or blue
A true love like ours with absence grows
develops, maturates, evolves, with each passing hour
Thus needless are my thoughts so dour
‘Tis foolish to brood, be sullen, or glower.
Know this, that I will always love you
the subject pronoun I am referring to

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