Prisoner’s Unspoken Plea

Somebody coulda stayed up late last night, that wasn’t me
Somebody mighta kissed her late last night, it sure wasn’t me
Last night  was just like the night before
‘Lights  out’ at nine, then back on at four
whoever’s kissing  her, make her forget about me

Somebody else’s kisses woke her this morning, not mine
The elbow on my pillow, as she slips on a dress, sure isn’t mine
During first  head count my cell got tossed
cigarettes and privileges, both were lost
I missed breakfast, sure hope that he enjoyed mine

It’s me romancing her now, with her dancing
across the visiting room glancing at each other now
The guy who dreads seeing her tears, but knows
that she will come crying for the next 8-10 years
That she won’t find another is the worst of my fears

The mistakes I made, they won’t go away
‘What-ifs’ and ‘Why-dids’ fill my days
I hate for you to come to this place
Your Mom is right, so why can’t I say
Find yourself another man, one who disdains
the crooked ways? You deserve much better days.

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