One of my attempts at hard-boiled detective noir.  Don’t worry, there are only 4 chapters….

Dawn advanced on the city, and the shadows of the night began retreating to their corners. The shadows of the street-walkers and their pimps, the silhouettes of the slingers, offering minutes of nirvana by the joint and vial; all were calling it a night. The shadows of the feral men cast on dirty walls by the headlights of prowl cars had seen enough ugliness. One by one, little by little, the shadows of the night made way for the shadows cast by the new day.

But one shadow did not move, one shadow lay there in the alley, even as the sun began to beat down on the cigarette butts and broken glass around it. It was not a brave shadow, not a curious shadow that wanted to see what the sun was all about, nor a sleeping shadow that missed the retreat of its fellows. It was just a shadow that couldn’t move. At least, not until the chalk line was drawn around it’s perimeter and the body that pinned it in place was lifted away by the lab techs.

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