Good Morning , America!


What a day does a difference make
a belief in America’s promise takes
hope in change’s audacious possibility, 
leading by truth, not fear and mendacity.

What new day brings such promising dawn
with horizon so many-hued and varied in tone?
Shining fresh light where it needs to be shown,
warmth chasing a chill from our nation’s bones ?

Make most of today, for night was too long
In sunlight’s lack greed fed and grew strong
Shadows recede now before the sun’s might
Shine justice’s light, turn back the black night!

Shine mercy’s light on both sick and weak,
little babies in need, their parents who seek
the chance to do right by their own loved ones,
to be shining examples for the next generations.

Shine beauty’s light on soul-filling scenes,
wide pristine rivers in broad valleys of green.
Not dead water serving a firm’s short-sighted plans
Nor a forest stripped, not in this land, not in our land.

Shine truth’s light on power gone astray
on mean hateful men who dreaded this day
on those who shirked their duty, who looked away
As unbridled greed perverted the American Way.

What a new day this difference will make
If we heed the night from which we wake 
and help the sun drive our shadows away
by letting our own light lengthen the day.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by James McPherson on March 6, 2013 at 7:05 am

    A nice prayer, Greg, though you perhaps didn’t mean it as one.


    • Actually, I wrote this for the President, after his 1st successful presidential run. I was hoping he would use it as his first inauguration speech. I re-wrote it some, I guess it could taken as a prayer, or a plea.


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