Bake Cakes in Housefires

Laugh at tsunamis, earthquakes earn a chuckle;
Yell “Drinks on me!” as the whole town buckles.
Tickle a tornado, should one drop from the sky.
Salute an avalanche roaring down from on high.

Make light of your seatmate’s low social standing
while flight 205 dives to an unscheduled landing.
We’re all easy targets; in public places one hopes
the next guy’s in focus on some sick sniper’s scope. 

Make pies in a mudslide, enjoy your very last hours. 
Umbrellas are quite stylish during meteor showers.
Dame Fortuna is moody, Ma Nature’s ire unreasoned;
Is she mad we wore plaid during hurricane season?

Well, this frivolous ditty has reached its last stanza;
May a whole century pass before your very last danza.
But if your name’s short-listed on St Peter’s credenza,
May speed be your steed, not some slow form of canza.

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