Poe, Gone Sideways

Once upon a midnight dreary,
while I pondered Weak and Weary,
a niche magazine, like Fishing Lake Erie
or the urologist’s rag, Peeing Clearly
They come monthly, along with others,
Bus Boy Journal, and Prison Mothers
I should unsubscribe, but it’s so hard
remembering to send the enclosed card
Thus, Tire Review and Commercial Lights
Go unread, ’til I get some free nights.
My copies of Line Dance and Weave and Loom
Would fill nine or ten doctors’ waiting rooms
Don’t become like me, with all this mail
crammed into your box daily, without fail.
Please write deceased on the cover of each
copy of Reptile Retail, and Medical Leech
Foist stacks on old friends and boarders
And get a subscription to American Hoarder.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Strangely, my eye was drawn because I misread your title as “Pee, Gone Sideways”. I was vindicated by your 4th line.
    These days blogs are replacing mags and they don’t take up nearly as much physical space – though mental space is another thing altogether.


    • I wonder if websites consisting of bloggers with common interests or sensibilities wouldn’t help everyone’s readership, although I guess tags help the savvy surfer in that way.


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