This a few years old, but still irrelevant…

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello At The Tea Party


 Lou-Welcome aboard the Tea Party Express. Your job will be to place these ads in certain markets so that they are seen in the proper order. Very important that we get this right, so as to slowly bring the public around to our anti-Obama way of thinking..

Bud-Okay, I understand. What’s the proper order?

Lou-Where was Obama’s birthplace is on first,  what’re  his politics is second,  we don’t know his religion is third.

Bud-Okay, so where’s his birthplace?
Bud-What’s correct? 
Lou-Where is correct
Lou-No, what’s his politics
Bud-I don’t know
Lou-That’s his religion.
Bud-What’s his religion?
Lou-What’s his politics.
Bud-I don’t know
Lou-That’s his religion, what’s his politics.
Bud-You tell me
Lou-I am telling you
Bud-Telling me what?
Lou-What’s his politics
Bud-So tell me 
Lou-I  just did tell you
Lou-No, I said what
Bud-I don’t know!
Lou-That’s third, first is his birthplace
Bud-I thought I was getting this, now I’m confused
Lou-About what? It’s simple, first we say, where’s his birthplace, then we ask…..
Bud-What? His politics?
Bud-What’s right?
Lou-His politics are what
Bud-Okay, so I pitch the first ad, which is where…
Lou-Then second is the ‘what’ ads
Bud-I don’t know
Lou-You got it! 
Bud-I got nothing! First, where…
Lou-Then what
Bud-You tell me
Lou-I am telling you; what! Don’t you understand English?
Bud-I used to. Now, I don’t know
Lou-That’s third.
Bud-What’s third?
Lou-I don’t know
Bud-Well then, who..?
Lou-Who is on fourth, that’s the ads about his race
Bud-And we run those when?
Lou-Don’t ask


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