Somedays, You’re the Lizard, Others….


4 responses to this post.

  1. That frog looks so casual… just here chillin’ with my reptile buddy.


  2. Looks like one of them got what they wanted for Christmas. Happy Holidays, Greg.


  3. Ok, is this mike on? cuz I got like, a thousand questions. Thrilled, first of all, that you shoved up here vith your unique genius. Completes the scene, I’d say, like vhen someone moves to a nev crib and they finally turn on the cable and the electricity.
    I just a eek or so ago got re-licensed on Xanga, but there’s no Front Page to shoot for, among other signs of crib death.
    bravo for moving your files. I vas about ready to ask to do it for you in absentia. Vatching them dissolve vould have been sadder than seeing the libraries of Alexandria burn.

    And as to reptilian cusine, it’s a dog-eat-dog vorld out there.
    (My ‘double-you’ key is defunct since frost melt dripped from the kitchen ceiling on the lap-top. Pray it don’t happen to you.)


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