Donald Sterling’s Lament*


My attitude towards blacks is,

sixty years behind

By the Klan  I’ve been admired

Talking trash was easier

way back in the day

Before the whores were wired

I used to make the papers

mostly ’cause the team was bad

but my racist rant today

brought the media down upon my head

Yes, I said this,

and yes, I said that

 and more comes out ev’ry day

What the hell’s it matter

That I got loaded

and said they smelled bad?

I’ve said crap much badder

You sure can’t trust a lady

When there’s a headline to be grabbed

by airing my racist ways

She revealed me to be a cad

*sincerest apologies to Joe Walsh


2 responses to this post.

  1. Record it. It will make the Top 40 for sure.


  2. As you might have guessed, we here in the far-flung Levant scarcely read about some ignoramus exposing himself, it’s a ‘Dog bites Man story. And so I had to stick my head above the local press, and guess what, it bleeds and leads… more captivating than 150 K dead Syrians
    Yes, and we finally did hear about it , mainly because this know-nuttin made stupid claims about supposed black mistreatment here, and is sadly perhaps one of our tribe.
    (Hmm.. I somehow also missed Joe Walsh’s contribution here. Mustve growed up under a rock. Lucky I can Google that too.,


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