The target approached the bushes where Ito crouched, his black garb blending into the shadows. His legs tensed, he stilled his breath, focused on the task. Then Ito relaxes into stillness, one with the shadows.
“What if he sees me, and draws his sword before I strike? Better I should wait until he passes me by, then, like a silent wind of death, dispatch him before he realizes his peril, Yes! That is what I shall do.”
The figure walked by, oblivious to Ito’s presence, and the assassin balanced on the balls of his feet, ready to carry out his mission, ready to strike….
The hard sound the man’s wooden sandals made faded with each step. “It was clearly not the right moment, what if he had heard me?”, Ito thinks, “That is a sharp sword he has, he might be good with it, too… I know!”, Ito digs into a pocket of his shozoku, “I will kill him with a well-thrown star before he re-enters the house, and I have lost my last chance, on this night anyway, to fulfill my duty.”
Again, he fidgets, adjusts his posture, starts to throw, then brings his arm down to his side, sighing disgustedly, as the one marked for death enters his house and sanctuary, blithely evading death for a third time in one walk.
“With this cross-breeze, I might would have missed, merely wounding him,  causing him to be cautious and even harder to kill. Tomorrow I shall succeed, if the weather isn’t bad.”
Such is the drive to prevail to carry out the warlord’s commands ,  if conditions are just right. Such is the code of the Ninja Worrier!

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