SHORT, STUBBY TALES, pt 2 (or 3, who’s counting, much less reading?)

The other vendors and I were happy to have the old Mexican and his trained birds participate in this year’s event; he wasn’t competing for the public’s food dollar, nor with the stands that mainly sold Chinese-manufactured trinkets that announced themselves as authentic. In addition, the antics of his feathered employees drew potential customers our way.

However, I found it odd, the favoritism he seemed to show the cockatiel, who between shows sat on a perch under an umbrella, while the toucan sat on the old man’s shoulder, both unprotected from the hot midday sun. The cockatiel was fed sunflower seed and sprigs of millet , while Juan shared his bag of stale peanuts, with the less coddled bird.
I finally had to satisfy my curiousity; one afternoon when my liunchtime business had slacked off, I walked over after the trio had entertained a gaggle of schoolkids on a field trip.
“Sr. Montoya, I notice that you treat the one bird better than you treat yourself, but the other bird, who seems to be just as big a draw, eats the same poor fare as you. Why is that?”
“Cockatiel (he had never gotten around to naming them), has expensive tastes, likes to live well.”
“On other hand”, he continues, “Toucan live as cheaply as Juan.”

2 responses to this post.

  1. I f*cking love it! There was only a small hint of contrivance through the explanatory section, but knowing you, just enough to arouse my appetite for a punchline.
    And with most ‘authors’ google mining these days instead of doing their own creative legwork it’s an added pleasure to assume that you wrote this. (Oy, I don’t dare google the last line; it would destroy me to see that some impostor stole your spark generator’s output.
    I’m also thrilled that your site is still immune from the evil virus which has attacked a good half of my ‘subs’ here. Just trying to access their sites freezes Firefox and requires a restart. I have no clues as to what they did wrong but it’s a drag.
    meanwhile I’m honing the palindrome-creation skills nightly. One goal is a 100 word ‘specimen’.
    Keep up the good work/ JS


    • I did dare to google the punchline, to my never-lasting regret (short-term conscience syndrome, or No funny Acronym Here, Or Here, Either), and there was a gaggle of links to equally bad set-ups.
      In my defense,sort of, I can honestly say that the idea was original to me the 1st time I used a similar phrase, in a poem written in 2008.
      sorry to hear about the difficulties you have accessing sites. WordPress also has a horrid editor compared to Xanga.


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