If Any State Were To Do This, It Would Be……


(Tallahassee, Florida)- In a ceremony held on the steps of the state Capitol, Governor Scott today signed into law a bill known as the “Honest Mistake” bill, which protects anyone who hurts, maims, or kills another person or persons, because of a sincere belief that said person or persons meant the attacker harm. The bill reads, in part, “No one shall be indicted, arrested, nor otherwise face any penalty, legal or civil, for causing injury, fear, or death upon another, if said other person has been perceived to be a….. threat, even if the perception was false, if said perception was arrived at on the basis of the best information available at the timeof the…. incident.”

“Dang! This don’t come soon enough for me!”, Says Danny “blindbat’ Sargent, of Opa-Locka, who had been charged with 2nd degree murder of his neighbor as he was raking leaves near the property line the two shared. Sargent, who was outside feeding his hunting dogs, saw his neighbor Hank Tankeray, making odd motions with his hands. “I seen what looked like a rifle in his hands. I couldn’t see the rake end, ’cause my view was blocked by my wife’s car. I dint have no time to wait and see if it really was a gun, or why Hank wanted me dead, I did what I had to do. I got two kids still livin’ at home, and their young’uns, too. You’da done the same thing!”

“We did consider the possibility that there might be a bump in the homicide statistics,” Said Taylor County Sheriff Bud “bud” Budgerigar, “but they would fall in the “cleared” category, thus not boosting our stats negatively.”

Others aren’t so sure. “I’m not sure, said Sam Freleng (D), one of a handful who opposed the bill. “what if a kid playfully points his finger like it was a gun,” at which point the Representative demonstrated the activity, and its getting dark, and someone….”

At that moment, a man who had been watching the interview yelled. He’s got a gun!” and fired his own weapon, A blue-metaled Sig Sauer with a 12-round clip and modified trigger mechanism, ( Continued on page 7)

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  1. as I have choose your own adventure books for work to allow some participation in reading 🙂 I like the continued on page 7. I’m sure you’d grant that if used with discretion, such a law legally only says one has to ask but one more question or twenty to file the right charges…. and what’s so wrong with this? all it seems to me to say is… sincere believers do not have to go to prison but a nice rubber room… there is nothing more than choosing where people go to what cost to which pocket 😀 I don’t see this as a fundamental get out of jail free card.


    • The Bill is in committee now, being re-worked so as to include mis-readings of pre-stalking behavior and complete strangers who hassle people for ‘directions’ .


  2. Nicely written: the local interviewee speaks just as I’d picture him myself.
    So much ring of truth that I do need to Google it … to separate fact and fiction.
    As to the matter: it’s always been well-nigh impossible to craft a law covering these cases. Should the ‘benefit of the doubt go to the shooter or the victim. Of course ‘Billy-Bob whoever here is a caricature… regrettably based on plenty of real fools.


    • Some awful incidents inspired this, the shooting of Tamir Rice was caught on video, and is particularly upsetting.
      Since the recipient of the wounding is often less capable of mounting a defense, all benefits should accrue to their column


  3. Little Joe would love this bill. I commented on the same issue with a blog post today, and linked to one of his pieces — prompting him to devote an entire post to me (about the 10th time they’ve done so over at the RNL, but the first time in a while). And just to make sure he wouldn’t have anyone point out his blatant lies, he promised to block any comments I tried to make — a promise he has so far upheld.

    I guess I understand why such a coward would feel the need to own so many guns, though I suspect his end will come when he ends up shooting himself.

    Merry Christmas, Gregg — I hope you and yours are well. Today was the last day of Finals Week, so once I get grades done and turned in next week, I’m semi-free for the holidays.


    • The holiday? Did you just make reference to the holidays? Why do you hate Xmas, why do you hate America?
      Joe says he is moderating the post; that is a hoot, as there is nothing ‘moderate’ about the man.
      Bro, if my old bones could take the cold, I would be up there to help you debrief from the exhausting semester. But we are planning to tour the west next year, we might swing by your neck of the woods


      • It would be cool if you were in our vicinity to be able to get together. Keep me posted on your itinerary as you know more. We have a guest bedroom and would be glad to put you up.

        I think I mentioned that my wife and I made a 25-day, 5,700-mile drive last year, one of the best things we ever did for ourselves. One of my colleagues then decided to do the same thing, taking two full months last summer with his wife and making a loop around the country. It was great for them, too.

        I know what you mean about the cold, though — I’m envious of my retired father, who heads from Idaho to Arizona late each fall, coming back in the spring.

      • Gee, cowardly Joe has taken to attacking and lying about me on his other site, too. Apparently he’s got a thing for me. 🙂 http://theoyl.com/2013/11/19/agendas-the-battle-of-athens-tennessee/comment-page-1/#comment-72540

  4. I am touched and pleased by your offer, my friend. I will see if we can’t make Spokane a stop!


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