They’ve Given You A Tumbler, Now You Can’t Recall Your Name


To these men, Obama is no stranger
they keep him and his kin away from danger
At protecting and serving, they’re first
Unless a raging thirst
gives them a buzz that lasts until tomorrow

Secret Service men
Secret Service men
You’re supposed to watch our leader, not two mud-wrestling dames

While Barack was diplomatting in Colombia,
You had two gals doing the sideways Cumbia
The peace talks were nearly doomed
’cause you stole the towels from the room
You’re lucky that you weren’t transferred to Gitmo

Secret Service Man
Secret Service Man
You lose sensitive phones, you can’t even stop a drone

Drinking is not advised while you’re on duty
Nor are lewd memos re: Michelle’s booty
You hid bloodshot eyes with shades
And then you rammed the barricades
You can’t catch a jogger, how could you stop a terrorist?

Secret service man…. (fade)

2 responses to this post.

  1. I saw you were arguing with the RNL idiots today. Futile, but I understand. šŸ™‚


  2. One of them, David, responded to an old thread in a rather nice manner, so I wrote him back. That is when Ameche started his BS.


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