Where have you been, our favorite son?
What have you been up to, our new Congressman?

I’ve been to the land of bright smiling faces
Where the winner’s he or she who the most money raises
I’ve been where the best lies told are the big ones
where the opportunistic meet the generals and chairmen

Have you managed to keep true to your ideals
And not gotten involved in suspicious deals?
And have you stood up to institutional evil
committed by men to whom it comes natural to steal?

When the House whip cracks, I must heed the call
To get anything done, I have to play some ball
Yes, to temptation it’s hard, so hard, so very hard
It’s too ha-aarrd, not to fall

We understand son, you can only do so much
at least you haven’t become drugged or adulterous

But the pressure I’m under entitles me to a mistress
and coca-based breaks thanks to Big Corporate interests
Who want tax relief and an end to costly court actions
filed by gadflies on behalf of their comatose grandsons

Okay, we get it, power corrupts
still, we expected you to resist it, not lap it up

I’ve been working in white buildings built by the black man
In a place that’s become an amoral swampland
I wish I had more time to dedicate to the veterans
But I’m on a fact-finding tour about waxing Brazilian

We elected you to start getting good things done
to root out the thieves and the dishonest, not to become one

But I like rubbing shoulders with the rich and the pretty
Body shots off a stripper make it all seem somewhat less shitty
to live like a king while others mourn the death of their cities
I party while my aides write a speech full of pity

I know I’m not creating a legacy that’s stellar
my grandkids may keep my portrait in the cellar
but it’s hard, so hard, to keep my hands
off the public’s tax dollars

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