Entitled girl,
She’s been living in a different world,
Where she doesn’t even have to try
Against a field of incompetent guys

Why did we count on an entitled girl
Who’s a stranger to the everyday world
Where normal people don’t pay their way
With the money despots and PACs donate,
Or so they say

But she is learning
That we are not blind,
And we want honesty
No cover-up this time

But she’s not hearing us
And that’s because
She feels like an entitled girl
She’s getting money from all over the world
She doesn’t think any scandal’s a factor
They only serve to mildly distract her
Ethics don’t matter

So, Hilary, why
Don’t you step aside, let another try
To beat the GOP while we have a chance
We need a different date for this dance
It’s not the pants

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