{ I hereby absolve Ray davies and the Kinks of any blame for the following parody}

Everywhere I go, the stories' the same
I see brown-skinned men with funny names 
Yelling Cholo, Ese, 'migo, hermano.

Instead of becoming like us, we are becoming them
Eating Tacos and beans, and drinking Coronas
Instead of Miller Lite, Double-eckies and Coronas

Now, I'm not the world's most prejudiced guy,
but why can't you guys just say "HI!"
instead of "Hola", say "Hello", not Hola.

Illegals are thieves, so they say
They steal our jobs during the day,
Rob our homes in the night
I heard all they do is breed, fuss, and fight

Well, you might think I'm an insensitive jerk,
Because on job sites I see Illegals doing the work
instead of locals, they give jobs to cholos

Some people ask What's all the fuss?
they go to church, just like us
They work hard to take care of their families
They are American already in their hearts and deeds

Well, I'm not the world's most knowledgeable guy,
But I know how Americans tell me 'Hi', and it ain't Hola
H-o-l-a, Hola, Awchay-o-ellay-Hola

3 responses to this post.

  1. if you’ve ever driven your life away looking for a better poor you, eddie rabbit i believe there was a time when the world we knew became the world that was to become. wuarter machines barely contributed to charities and it was a rarit someone thought a fence would somehow win the the fight. i’ve seen a world worse off so i lament my first world crises as I’m just as prone as any to spew something derisively SIMED at the fear I know i already lost as the dollar is king and who underbids me a cent win. but that’s just my two cent. you are better than i as i can not either do it or even see it needing to be done yet pardon me If i old style it tonight as they took away the private stock green demon and i can’t affortd colt 45.


    • You should have been around in the sixties, writing liner notes for Dylan’s albums!


      • that kindly remark brings to mind an old coporate share moment where all are asked which time and place within all history they’d most like to live. I thought i was smug once when i said there’d be a prblem if i came earlier than I did in that while precisely high-tech, my eyewear wouldn’t have been affordable if available at all – worse even in my time there was this notion proposed by a generation before’s advice of give me a home where the buffalo once roamed and now it’s a barbed wire frontier. and to add to this i am neverquite sure of the future and thus there is precious little circulating information- just some betting odds for those who are old enough and interested enough to vote. i thought i was smug once. for any time can be my time and some niche found or tragedy. I’m not sure i would like to answer such question of deep meaningless magnitude the same way.

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