{Many have raised questions about our use of drones to take out enemies of America, but none have been so vocal as the targets themselves, at least for a time…}


Oh what a bitch!
it just isn’t fair
like rabbits plucked by a hawk from the ground
death comes by air!
They sent in the drones

Fight like a man!
you’ve nothing to lose
if you are nowhere that you can be found
How can we behead you
stop sending the drones
We can’t fight the drones

Just when we thought that the country was ours
and so was the money made from the opium flowers
No one would stop us, no one would dare
we fired our guns
up in the air

I’ve got shards up my arse,
Thanks to a drone, I can’t hear
But I can tell by the fear in Abu’s eyes
Again, a drone’s here
It took out Amir
Crap! That makes me leader!*

(Judy, Judy Collins, Judy, please forgive me the liberties I have taken with your work)

One response to this post.

  1. wellp you got me singing – such isn’t a good move as I’m rather tone deaf. way to go 😀 😀


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