Rapper for ISIS Meets His 72 Biotches!

It has been reported that a German rapper, Denis Cuspert, aka Deso Dogg, who had been working as a spokesman for ISIS, was killed in an air strike a few weeks ago. I found this hard to comprehend, a German rapper? But other idiots find ISIS rather appealing,  and who wouldn’t give up a budding recording career, along with the fame, respect, and chicks that come with it, for a chance to be part of a band of murdering thugs who don’t sing, dance, or engage in critical thinking, and who only get laid when they force captives into marriage, or do each other? I tried here to get into the asshat’s mind, in the process of which I found myself needing a mental laxative Anyway, Denis, this rap is for you, may you rot in Hell…..

I know what you’re thinking, know-it-all winking,
I must be tall-stein drinkin’ the koolaid of the kinks in
Middle-East land, ISIS makes the Taliban in Afghanistan
look like the Good Humor Man, Lebanon like Disneyland

But I wasn’t crazy, just bored and lazy,
my moral compass was maybe hazy
put right and wrong on the same plate
no room for love, I’ve got a passionate hate
can you relate? A righteous fury, It’s way too late
To find common ground, or sit around.
and carve more lines into the ground
that separate and isolate,
shoot us when we congregate,
wherever, whenever, no matter how late
to plot the fall of the Jewish State,
we condemn Amerika to the very same fate
can you relate?
can you relate?

So auf weidersen to old Deutschland,
I’m rappin’ now for my Imam
beheading infidels in the Holy Land
Call me a terrorist, a brat, worse
I cherish your every invective and curse
I reject the West, I can do no less
Yet I still wonder why I’m not blessed,
why by old Germans I’m not liked
I’m doing the work of the old 3rd Reich.

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