Obama is attacking our Rich-Americans, certifiably the smallest minority extant in these United States. He has declared war on their wealth, their businesses, and will soon have all but publicly declared that he will nationalize every successful business in the United States and its territories. Well, he might exempt Wake Island, but I hear he is going to force owners of mansions to open their swimming pools to the public, and make them pick up hitchhikers in their chauffeured limos. If any of the above is true, (and hey, we’ve never had a foreign president before, so who knows?) the oppressed upper class in America will be needing our help. Do you realize that many children of CEO’s have never eaten a corn dog?
But a change is in the wind. New charities are springing up, NGO’s whose mission in one way or another will improve the lives of the long-neglected .5% of us that have never been inside a public school or playground. People who want to make a difference in the lives of those whose vision of the future is sadly blocked by piles of (possibly unclean) lucre can choose from the following list of compassionate organizations:

Habitat for Legacies
Toys For Trust-Fund Babies
Polo Pony Sanctuary
Big Butler
National Association for the Advancement of the Comfortably Prosperous
Hedge Start
Slope For Tomorrow
Tax Shelters Without Borders
Jet Lag Research Foundation
Project Gentrify
Daughters of the American Robber Barons
Heirs Without Partners

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  1. Those are clever permutations on actual help-organizations for the 99% un-washed. I’m for now musing on what in fact *should* be my policy viz the super-rich. Guess I choose to focus on the philanthropic ‘minority?’ Those who use their wealth to at least try to improve life foe all. Gates, Zuckerberg, Musk, Bezos? a couple names, now which ones are suitably socially aware? My ire is mainly aroused by the ugly flamboyant ‘new-rich’, especially if they became rich without providing anything of value to the culture. Here in Israel we have plenty of examples of both species.
    And let’s not even bring up the grossest imaginable incarnation of despicable culture-rot; he’s being discussed enough lately.


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