Just once once in my life, could there be a nominee
someone whose speech is plain
Just once, someone with good sense and core values,
I’m tired of voting in vain

just one man or woman, Hell, an LGBT, it doesn’t matter to me
as long as they know
we’re voting for them
and not the Party they’re in, no, no, no
(just once in my life)

At least once in my life, could my choice not betray me
with a sly choice of words?

Just once, please, could a candidate listen to me
instead of those who pay more?

Just once could you talk
without sounding phony?
Heed all your supporters, not just the ones with the money
Before the end of my life, let’s end this plutocracy!

(End this plutocracy-ee-ee, end this plutocracy-ee!)

3 responses to this post.

  1. Well done, bro. I kinda know who S. Wonder will vote for… or at least against. I envy that he need not, as I’ve been forced to do, panic-scroll-down in news articles in order not to have to face the banality of evil’s visage dirtying up my personal computer.
    Tell the truth, I *have*, twice in my life, had someone to vote for (BC and BO), and otherwise learned to glumly trudge forward and ignore passion for the next four years.
    I’m old: wore my clip-on ‘I Like Ike’ button to grade school cuz my mum and dad made me, but secretly hoped for an Adlai Stevenson upset.
    Hmm.. you got any dark horsies in mind this season?


    • I fear a Trump presidency as much as I fear a Cruz or Kasich one. Trump is, however, the least desirable in terms of personality and character. If the GOP was composed of rational human beings, they would be backing a Bloomberg bid for the highest office. But rations of rationality are in short supply on the right.


    • and this, in the same vein…
      Kitty Hawk, December 17, 1903; For satirical purposes, the current crop of presidential aspirants have been allowed to observe man’s first powered flight….
      TED CRUZ: Illegal immigants will use this godless technology to circumvent our borders!
      HILLARY CLINTON: Why isn’t there a woman pilot? We need to look at regulating this, before it gets out of hand.
      JOHN KASICH: There are scientists, ones not beholden to Big Government, Big University, or the UN, who say this is impossible. I will wait until we have had open discussions on the issue…
      MARCO RUBIO: Oooohh, neat! I want one , I want one!
      BERNIE SANDERS: The aviation industry has been dominated by the oppressive influence of the Wright Brothers for far too long!
      DONALD TRUMP: It’s a loser! Not a good deal, too slow, too loud, no one can hear me. not a good deal…Get it outta here! Go on, I’ll pay the bill, get it out.


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