THE TRUMP SONG with apologies to Van Halen


My numbers go up, and they never come down
You don’t like it? Tough! Your skin must be brown
And I’m here to make us great again
But I’m gonna have to break eggs and lose a few friends

On my own, I got this far
Without assistance from the party Machine
Some say that I’m kinda mean
even downright obscene

Whatever, vote Trump!
c’mon, elect Trump (Trump!)
dump the losers vote Trump

boo hoo, hey you
Yes, I said that,
Did I give offense?
Too bad, I’m still a shoo-in
because the public’s so dense

People are so desperate,
They don’t care if I philander, bully, or lie
If they’re promised the sky,
So tell the Mexicans goodbye

After you elect Trump!
Build that wall, Donald Trump!
Make ’em pay for it, Trump!
Then nuke Iran, Trump!

2 responses to this post.

  1. I listened to this via michael Bolton’s how am I gonna live without you.” first then become roth with seriousness.


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