Who should be our next President?

    The Democrats can’t get it together, republicans are heartless crooks, libertarians are selfish, corporate-worshipping bastards, and Willie Nelson is too old. Bloomberg? No, he’s too smart, doesn’t need the headache. Elizabeth Warren? Democrat leaders are afraid a president Warren might worry too much about the American people at the expense of their major donors. Jill Stein? I know, I never heard of her either.

    That leaves one man, one who is young enough, vibrant enough, and tough enough to handle the pressure. Yes, of course, I refer to the Boss,  New Jersey’s finest export.  He’s clean, he’s lean, he’s the rock and roll king,

    Sure got quiet there…. okay, some of you may be saying, “Greg’s lost it”, or “the doctors were right”, or “who’s on Leno tonight?”. But I mean it, and here are the ten reasons he is qualified:

    1) He was Born In The USA

    2)He can work a crowd like nobody else. Ever seen that HBO special? Day-um!

    3)His songs celebrate the working man. Other candidates celebrate the working man, but do They have songs?

    4)The great saxophone solo in “Jungleland”. OK, it was performed by Clarence Clemons. But Bruce hired him, and that shows that he can delegate effectively.

    5)The evolution in his songwriting, from the speed-rapping, pseudo-dylanesque stylings of his first two albums, to the concise, sparse yet effective voice represented on the “Born to Run” album is nothing short of remarkable.

    6)No history of drug use. Well, maybe a couple of joints in the ’60’s….

    7)His wife, Patti Scialfa, would be an effective and personable campaigner for her husband without being, you know, too equal. C’mon, you know what I’m saying, not pushy,  with her own agenda, like you-know-who. Hint, Patti could actually Sing “Stand By Your Man”. And she would. Stand by her man, not sing it, but she might do that , too.

    8)Would Steve Van Zandt have ever been considered for the role of Silvio Dante in The Sopranos, if he hadn’t been the Boss’ lead guitarist? I Think Not!

    9) He’s the man who won’t cop out, when there’s danger all about…no wait, that wasn’t him (note to self, fire fact-checker).

    10) He’s a tramp, like us, baby.

One response to this post.

  1. Bruce even has diplomacy in his roots:

    Madman drummers bummers,
    Indians in the summer with a teenage diplomat
    In the dumps with the mumps as the adolescent pumps his way into his hat

    Plus a syllable count per line to rival even the greatest Hawaiian folk song. That’s got to count for something.


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