prince serling

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  1. Picture, if you will, a drunk time – full of it’s weirdest of events. The crazy moment when art erupts forth be it witisms no one can quite agree are actually witty or the lawn suddenly a different wetter color. This, my friend, is what I picture all within a bottle clear as if water. But should I saunter away from my mind, I still might have difficulty imagining how such could EVER occur….twilightZone or not..boode boo boo boodee boo boo. 😉


  2. if you get a few moments or a lot of them if you suddenly start understanding me via heavy medication… 😀 I can’t say twilightzone is there, but if you want some cracking! crime drama, “The Adventures of Philip Marlowe” un P because someone can’t file correctly of the all shows… or perhaps you’ll delight in Campbell’s Playhouse with orson wells, “The Green Goddess” episode where you’ll delight in an older version of Mr Markowitz saying “there are rules to writing and you must gently violate the hell out of them” wait he said it better so that’s my quote 😀 and enjoy what is a thirtynine version of a twenty-three play/movie wherein the hubbub from said is why we have that delightful dressing still available even if it’s about anything but dressing like adventuring with a married woman about to drop the mister like a hot sack of bricks with puppies in the nearest fast moving deep waters. I know there is extent not the exact drama as performed but an actual script of “the adventures of Philip marklowe” to be had just as you can gorge out on “rocky Jones Space Adventurer” on youtube and laugh at how well they mega marketed in the fifties or pull up a galaxy magazine in’s internet library of seriously cool old stuff. or if you prefer, be modern and rent a copy of “A mighty Wind” a mockumentary of folk music or a copy of “a prairie home companion” and the Johnson sisters’ll bitch about a jelly doughnut larsony for you – either way you can enjoy the immersion in a previous time.


    • Put the Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks record on the victrola until it’s time to warm up the radio and listen to Garrison Keillor tell us how quiet it was in Lake Woebegone while the kids take turns cranking the ice cream maker.


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