CAPTION CONTEST, ANYONE?


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  1. Community dinner?


  2. Hard to beat your own timely caption. ‘A village of geese’ is better than the sheeple… um… lemmings marching lockstep in the opposite direction. Well-armed, the survivors can shoot each other there in the pile at the foot of the cliff. I think that even were the election a mock NYT Book Review poll, her well-meaning first-lady-ness deserves the literary nod over ‘The fart of the spiel’ or whatever drumpfian nonsense is the opposition.


    • Fart of the speil,. I like that. As Billy Joel might say…

      You favor a bully, and a braggart, whose entire
      Speech on the stump is composed by a liar.
      Because you hate Hillary, you’d vote for a Nazi.
      This has happened before, please don’t re-elect Mussolini.


      • If I recall, piano wire sent il duce to his reward. There are so many parallels here.. including Hannah Arendt’s ‘The banality of Evil. ‘ Ok, me’n the geese saw this coming when Farce-buch and insta-drech became the coin of the realm. Hmm, Greg, at one point I recall hoping to live to 120… lately, it’s more like debating whether to exit the theatre mid-movie, damn the $7 ticket price, life is short/ JS

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