The plane was on time.

He was glad that she was coming home
Paris wasn’t safe,
He went to pick her up,
She had not seen the new car
I made cookies for their return
I made coffee for their return
I wish I had used a little more sugar,
She liked them real sweet
He liked his coffee stouter than I
I should have made it right,
And said, “hurry back with our baby,
So the cookies will still be warm”
Then maybe they would have come home
The cookies are cold now, the coffee is too.
Did they die in a happy embrace,
Had they found each other in the crowd?
Did they at least see each other’s face
Before some monster dialed a number,
and ended so many dreams?
Before some godless soulless bastard
Took my family away from me

5 responses to this post.

  1. you remind me of the word falacy. a woman’s love is more encompassing than that. and I’m blind so i see, so that shit ass reference goes. but, oh, healous wone , this is the ennui that i’d spell anwe as i so swear I saw it spelled first… but whatever, i am i think some kind of cukoo bird. the point is sing ye if i had two dozen roses would it change your mind? we all know the answer is fuck no die in a plague pit I let you and would a thousand times over again. more. but it’s ennui. and that sells books and poems. when we can have such an oppinon.. woot you. go trump because I know your ass hates him. go ahead debagte a lunatic who kill himself before voting for his ass but such is not how words sound.


  2. Hard to compete with the previous comment, but my thought is that I have trouble here ID-ing the playas. Who is the narrator, and what is his relationship with the man and woman? On first read I thought it a Zika poem, now I’m not so sure. It’s touching, of course, as if your work could be any less? Mebbe Lesson 1 is not to wait and expect to learn what it’s about from the comments.


  3. Seven times East-ward in the title, or did I mis-read the original?


  4. Somehow all my questions, to which I need answers in order to sleep nights, remain unaddressed. Feel free to email me with the details


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