Trumped Together
Here come the Trump Years,
the election’s over,
we put him in office,
he can’t believe it himself!

He said “Listen to me, trust only me,
vote only for me or you’ll never be free!”
Didn’t you remember what a liar
he could be!

He’s got famous grope hand,
he’s got Russian fingers,
he imports his spouses,
and hates their bloody whatevers.

He says I love all chicks,
they all matter to me
Unless they’re ugly and fat, or they’re as old as me!
How come so many of you ladies
voted for me?

He cares little for his country,
and less for its people
whether they burn their crosses
or pray under a steeple.

He says I know you,
you wish you were me.
One thing I can tell you is that won’t ever be!
Just remember,
you hated Hillary more than
you trusted me!

5 responses to this post.

  1. Total Excellence!! ‘Come together.. right now… under Drumpf.’
    (I been looking for a parody myself, but, find it so hard to even feel humour that I kinda gave up. ) My recent posts did all obliquely deal with this outrage. Glad to see you step up to the plate with a real bat.
    ‘A recent post covering the alte-recht brown-shirts out of the closet celebration (forget where, sorry) did title it ‘Tonight we gonna party like it’s 1933!’ Which I envied, of course.
    Anyway, love it, Mel-Greg!. I do recall your ties with local folks from our troubled region, soon to be on a registry. And the ‘coloured’. (Just looked at my own skin: it’s a colour too, I’d call it a beige.
    So, chuckle while we still can. The sick truth some optimists may lately avoid accepting is that “It’s worse than it looks” i.e: the nation we both love is in deep shit.
    (Does remind me, humorously, of what Twain said about opera “It’s better than it sounds!’ )
    Whistling in the dark, and I missed your own whistle/company/ JS


  2. eMail-gate or for Benghazi’s sake
    how many more hated Hillary left us 4 of Trump to take
    now we’ve 1460 American night to get along
    shall we pass out the bongs?
    eat a pans of brownies and sing out a merry song?
    so now it’s soon a fact we chose the next headpiece
    as if logic were some sort of disease
    bye bye barak wish for kids Santa soon ‘ll appear
    progress’ direction again is unclear
    and boldly we showed usenough is enough
    we want a stannce of authority we’t to be tough.
    a campaign of see ya in jail,
    are you sick of waiting on city streets to be shot?
    let’s repeal progress as it’s failed?
    oh great here come trump – i will survive
    laugh on the battlefield of what if’s and not me deny
    I don’t have to lay down and die
    I just have to smile and take this development in stride
    I’m larger than this turn to the force’s dark side, hey ey.


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