Our Mother Superior was quite proud of the rhinestone cross that was sewn onto the back of her habit. After all, she had done all the work herself, a task that took months to complete.
So it was natural that when a man was caught stealing some of the decorations off the garment, she was justifiably angry.

Still, many were shocked that she used her influence in the town to have the young man sentenced to a long prison term. They pointed out that he was going to trade the rhinestones for bread with which to feed his poor family.
Mother Superior was unmoved by all the pleas, citing the fact that the thief was undeniably a habit-jewel offender.

3 responses to this post.

  1. the title rings funny however, whom sayeth it? if it’s non sequitor to the characters…aww…


  2. Again, ‘Excellent’. (I bore myself) Puns have, to my lights, a truly un-deserved stigma as ‘cheap thrills’.
    And further… readers not familiar with your world-class talent at word-assembly might, knee-jerk these days, assume that this story is a mere ‘click FWD’. Joke of the day
    .It took me years on Xanga, during which I never even entertained the thought of ‘re-publishing’ anything non-original , to realize that folks might find it hard to believe that a, in my case, modest but ‘paid-attention-in school’ Amish/Israeli could have written what I wrote….
    Anyway, I only regret that my limited experience with nuns and their highly polished black shoes never allowed me to confirm that they do, or do not ‘mirror-reflect up’.
    ‘Habit’ is an odd word in current usage; lately I encounter in mainly in descriptions of plants and their propensities. But as a place, a suit, where vatican tru-buleevers can ‘live-in’, I can see the etymology.
    Do keep posting, bro. Maketh mine day


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