Mean ol’ Me

Serious songwiting is not an easy pasttime. The desire to effectively communicate an emotion or mood is frustrated by the constraints of an imperfect language, the fear of revealing more about oneself than intended, and the search for a fresh melody. Take it from me, that’s why I never tried it.
Thus, the act of writing a song can bring about changes in the writers original intent and focus, as is evidenced by this early draft of a well known pop song…
Some folks in my life are always in need
Either fiscal or moral
To them, I always turn
My deaf right ear, immune to their sorrow

Lean on me some other time
I’m far too busy,
maybe later on
Not now, Dont
be hanging around
Looking for me
For you to lean on

Please, just give me a break
Try to man up,
go it alone, Boy!
At times like this
Booze is a friend
That you can lean on

I just might have a problem more important than yours
Go find someone else to lean on
Life’s out to get you, it’s humanity’s curse
You need somebody to put the blame on

Oh, Jeez are you still here?
All grouper-lipped, singing your sad song?
Ess Emm Aitch!
We’d get along much better if
You used anyone but me to lean on

2 responses to this post.

  1. you get a bravo for your again.


  2. Just for now: I have a friend in the US who uses ‘Lean on me’ as her phone’s ‘standby’ clip while I wait for it to answer. And.. um.. I’ve probably said to myself most of your lines here while waiting


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