It doesn’t matter whether you lose your parents when you are young or old, the loss feels the same
I know I will miss her forever.
So many questions that I never asked her
What was it like so long ago,
When connectivity meant AM radio?
Did you follow the war?
Why did you cry when Kennedy died,
Was more than a man laid low?
When did Mothers stop wearing aprons?
Dad used to hate that, before he left us
You forgot you had one on when the bus was late,
and you had to take me to school,
Did that driver ever thank you for that big piece of your mind?
You didn’t really like going to the beach, did you?
Your only day off, you read while we played
How did you make those biscuits so fluffy, anyway?
That night you didn’t stay up until I came home, was that trust or were you just tired?
Mother, when did your hair turn such a dull gray ?
And the light in your eyes, once so bright, start to fade?
What were you trying to tell me around noon on your very last day?
It wasn’t even a whisper, maybe if I’d paid better attention…
Now that you’re gone, Mom, I’m ready to listen

2 responses to this post.

  1. Total tears here! But what you wrot is ‘as good as it gets’, in this impossible task. My tears I’ll wipe on the sweater I’m wearing today (the hospital, for their own less-than-sentimental reasons, felt a need to return it to next-of-kin)
    Greg, not a day goes by that I don’t suddenly have a question, only to ‘duh’ realize that it’s now a very-long-distance call.
    I’m with you, from the heart, in the doomed? goal of understanding mortality, dammit. RIP


    • Emo Philips said that he wanted to die peacefully, in his sleep, like his grandfather, and not screaming in terror, like his passengers.
      Myself, I know it happens, it will most likely happen to me, but I will never be ready for death. My list of things I would like to do ere death claims me would fill a bucket store.
      The poor man dies, regretting that he has nothing to pass on. The rich man dies, regretting that he has to leave it all behind. I think being forgotten would be my greatest regret.


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