SHOPPING, (with all apologies due to Guess Who)
I used to laugh, at those who cried
When a Black Friday sale had passed them by
But now I stand in line, starting well before sunrise,
To do my shopping
The line moves slowly, time marches on
By the time I’m in the door, the best stuff’s always gone!
It’s the same story everywhere, from Podunk to Times Square.
Too many shopping
Leaping Jill and Dale
To get the last Segway on sale
But it was taken away from me
by a burly ex-marine.
I was bruised and cut up, lost a blouse to a fist
But I stumbled out with most everything on my list!
But next year I will be wiser
find gifts that will surprise her
Through online shopping!
From my easy chair
In stores everywhere
And they ship for me presents that I never even have to see

2 responses to this post.

  1. I thought at first you were parodying an old Bee Gees song, which later I realized was actually sung by America (I Need You), and not at all like this song. But the Guess Who lyrics are nearly maudlin enough to be written by the early Bee Gees, so I’m back full circle.


    • I have used a couple of BG songs in the past, pre-disco.
      Good to hear from you. I have been remiss in keeping tabs on my old and valued Xanga friends.


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