Bud.. excuse me, are you Mr. Costello? I’m Bud __
Lou: Abbott? Glad you’re here. Welcome to the Nostalgia Rocks family.
How was your flight?
Bud: It was bump-
Lou: Great! Now, let’s get you up to speed. In five minutes, you go onstage and announce the line up for tonight’s show.
You gotta get the order right, it’s In my the contract, the four bands take turns closing the show, tonight’s closer is Guess Who.
Bud: I give up
Lou: What?
Bud: Who?
Lou: Who plays second
Bud: One thing at a time! I thought we were talking about who closes!
Lou: We were, Guess Who closes tonight.
Bud: who?

Lou:No, Who plays second

Bud: Look, I got two minutes! Can you start by telling me the name of the first act?

Lou: Yes.

Bud: Good, who opens tonight?

Lou: Yes, Who plays second,  although we wanted to put Them on before Who, .
Bud: After who?

Lou: Who, before Guess Who. But, they might be late, their bus broke down. But Yes will try to pick them up on their way to the show.

Bud: Pick who up ?
Lou: Them
Bud: Them who?

Lou: No, Yes, Who, Them, then Guess Who.
Bud: Just tell me, we got one minute!
Lou: Calm down, calm down… repeat after me
Yes,Who, Them, and Guess Who closes
Bud: I don’t know, I don’t know! We’re outta
time, we need the time!
Lou: The Time? They’re after Them tomorrow.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Bravo! I know the sweet feeling… when you realize that all the pieces for a killer creation are just lying there, asking to be assembled.
    Finally, a reason for the ‘stupid-band-names’ ; they knew you were coming…


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