I used to run a legitimate business that investigated incidents of alleged supernatural occurrences, exposed lies made by politicians on both sides of the aisle, and disproved urban legends.
It was a labor of love, I never expected to make a living from the mere telling of the truth. However, we started getting some notice from the national media, Wall Street began sniffing around. The firm might have become as big as Snopes or Factcheck, financing my pulling back veils of lies and scaling walls of preconceptions. My company would have led the vanguard of a new order, one not based on superstitions.
Until the powers that be, fearing for their positions of power, passed some draconian new laws. Subsequently, the police raided my offices seized our computers and files, and jailed my staff and I for running a Myth Lab.

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  1. ha ha. And germane in a time when too many folks are banging ‘mythamphetimine’


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