Justice in Time

The look on my attorney’s face told me that the conference with the judge had not gone well . But I did not expect the news to be so devastating.

“Ten years, ten months, minus 79 days for time served?” I cried. “That’s near the maximum sentence! What went on in that meeting?  I demand to know what was said,I want the minutes!

The lawyer said, Okay, okay! Let’s see, that’s three thousand, eight hundred and seventy-one days, times 24, then multiply by sixty….”

2 responses to this post.

  1. Nce, one, greg; guys like you actually *create* jokes… for the ‘forward-ers’
    If I were that unfortunate fellow; (my own appearance comes up in about a month), I’d probably ask for a ‘second’ opinion’. Oy, dat’s another ‘times-60’ I’m hoping not to have to do that kind of math.


  2. I told you! You have no friends in the back-stabbing milieu that is the counterfeit-pixel market!


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