“This good weather brings out all the weirdos. Ready, after spending a bitterly cold winter muttering only to themselves or others like them, to share their peculiarities with all!”
It sounded almost like a complaint, but my guess was that it was the anticipated presence of said ‘weirdos’ that prompted Roger to bring his visitor, me, to this trendy sidewalk cafe in his adopted city.
“Like that fellow over there?” I nodded my head toward a skinny fellow standing on the curb. He was wearing GI Joe pajamas and an unmatching flannel shirt, talking animatedly to a bus that was taking on passengers.
“Or her.” Roger pointed openly at the woman wearing a sandwich board on which was written “The And is Near”.
Our shared laughter was interrupted by a loud cackle to my right. Startled, I turned to see a man standing close to me. He offered his hand, I shook it, and let it go quickly when he started clucking like a mother hen. He smiled in dismissal and stepped closer to Roger.
“Chuck how are you?”, Roger asked. They fist bumped, Chuck emitted a series of quacks.
Roger shook his head, and gave me a conspiratorial wink. His gaze returned to Chuck. “So, what’d you think of that game last night?”
Chuck replied by putting his hands on his hips, waving his elbows wildly, accompanying the movement with a hearty, “Er-er-er, Eroo!’ Then he continued on his stroll down the hill.
Roger turned back to the table and picked up his drink. Before taking a sip, he remarked, That’s Chuck for you, always quoting poultry!”

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